Hello, Prima Games readers. We have something a little different for you today. As we’ve been expanding our content reach beyond just guides (we do great guides though), I’ve been searching for more stuff to talk about! Even sticking in the gaming realm, there’s a lot more going on than just playing games. We’ve reviewed headsets and microphones before, but what about the equipment you take for granted?

You know, furniture! We were approached by FlexiSpot, a company that has long focused on less specified office equipment. If you check the website you’ll see all kinds of different desks for the most part, from standing desks to things like office bikes. But this year FlexiSpot is getting into gaming. The Gaming Desk GD01 is designed to meet gaming and ergonomic needs, and is pretty impressive overall.

FlexiSpot Gaming Desk Review

Disclosure, of course: FlexiSpot sent me a desk for the purpose of coverage. This isn’t an advertorial though, just me and my personal experience with this desk. It was a big change for me compared to what I was using before, but I can definitely say both from a comfort and work/gaming perspective my whole setup is a big improvement.

The GD01 was very easy to put together, and while some of the instructions related to the screws were a little wishy-washy, it all worked out. There are adjustable heights which are nice, although they’ll require effort if I want to change them. But overall it was over faster than I expected, and despite the low number of parts it’s a very sturdy-feeling desk. It looks simple, too; it’s almost more of a table than a desk in the traditional sense. But it has some neat features that make it a plus for technology-oriented activity.

First, the table’s whole surface is a mousepad. Well, it has a mousepad cover. It’s microfiber and waterproof, so it’s easy to clean and really helps my wrist since I can use my mouse anywhere on the surface. There’s also a little headset hook and a cupholder, which are pretty simple and don’t draw attention to themselves. More importantly, the GD01 has cable management in mind, with two grommets towards the back of each half (the desk is two slabs you sort of attach together). There’s also a little pouch underneath you can screw on if you wish to act as a sort of basket for excess cord nesting.

My other desk was a smaller office-style desk with some storage, a moving keyboard shelf gimmick and a weird elevated shelf thing. I was able to organize a little, but ultimately it became less comfortable over time. With the GD01, I have a large, sturdy surface that can handle just about anything I want all together. That includes three monitors, a keyboard, speakers, my table mic, and other miscellaneous items I use for my Weird Gamer Job. And since the desk stands so high, I’m able to fit my whole, lanky body under it easily, have plenty of room for my legs, and anything else I might want to tuck away underneath. I'm no photographer but here's what GD01 looks like with stuff all over it:

The concept of a gaming desk was somewhat foreign to me before this desk came across my, well, desk. But after spending a couple weeks with the GD01 I don’t know how I managed before it. I mean I do, it was a big mess. Having all my relevant equipment spread out across a single surface with room to spare is awesome, and the mousepad covering the whole thing feels great. 

I can see myself using this desk for a long time, and there’s plenty of space to add to it with external devices or accessories. It also isn’t covered with obnoxious RGB lights or weird faux military branding like other gaming products, which is a huge plus in my book. At $286 retail, FlexiSpot’s GD01 is certainly an investment. But if you’re looking to expand or upgrade your setup with something that feels reliable and long-lived, I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

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A “sample” of this item was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation