Today we finally got a deep dive look at Elden Ring’s gameplay and open world. During the 15 minutes of footage that was live-streamed we saw a ton of combat, stealth, crafting, and more.

Elden Ring Gameplay Shows Bosses, Open World, Magic Spells, & Horseback Combat

The video presentation opens up with a shot of the large open world, the player character hops on its horse (which has a double jump) and traverses an environment. It passes by a caravan being carried by monstrosities before we get bombarded by a giant dragon. 

During the dragon fight, we got a taste of some new magic spells and some horseback combat. It looks clean, and something fresh to the formula. The gameplay also showcased an NPC titled “Alexander the Iron Fist” who seems to be a giant pot with arms? 

While some of the combat seems familiar, mechanics like item crafting and quick summoning NPC to help aid you in a fight. 

While the open-world segments seem like the connective tissue between more traditional Souls experiences as you traverse from dungeons to dungeon, it also seems to house secrets and difficult fights of its own. 

It seems like players can get lost in the open fields and hidden pathways for hours trying to stumble upon something new.

This entire presentation culminates in a boss fight against Stormveil, Godrick The Golden. This is a giant multi-armed humanoid creature who is not messing around. At one point in the fight, it grows a dragon arm the breathes fire and chomps down on our player character. 

While Elden Ring seems to offer plenty of new ways to engage in combat with a wide range of spells, stealth items like the Sleepbone Arrows, and summons: It still seems like it’s just as punishing in the moment to moment combat.

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Elden Ring will be released on February 25, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.