For Pokemon GO players looking for something new to do, Niantic revealed a new Community Day coming soon! The newest event officially kicks off on July 21 and will once more offer trainers in training a chance to earn exclusive rewards, catch new types of Pokemon, and a shot at a few Shinies as well! As for the star of the show this time, Pokemon GO Community Day July 2019 will host none other than Mudkip, allowing fans of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald to catch this adorable water starter. 

The festivities are set to being 4 PM local time and will run until 7 PM. During this Community Day event Mudkips will spawn pretty much everywhere and at rapid rates, including the pink Shiny version as well. In addition to being able to find Mudkips aplenty, evolving them also has perks since there will be an exclusive attack that Mudkip couldn't otherwise learn except for on the Community Day. We don't know exactly what the move is yet, but Niantic teased that it is worth the participation. 

Mudkip was the natural choice for July's event given that other Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald starters have already had their time to shine, with Treecko being March's main Pokemon. 

As for why the Pokemon GO July 2019 event is starting a bit later than previous months, Niantic mentioned in a press release that this was to allow for cooler temperatures during the Summer months, which is fair! 

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