This morning The Pokemon Company released a found footage-styled trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus.  

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Receives New Found Footage Style Trailer Hinting At New Pokemon

The trailer shows a first-person account of a trainer trekking through the snowy mountains cataloging Pokemon in the region. They see some Snorunts running away as the footage oscillates between static and voiceover.

We hear the trainer start questioning what Pokemon they are looking at. We got some descriptors to try and help decipher what Pokemon the trainer is talking about. 

“Is that a Growlithe?

No, a Vulpix…..not that either.

The Tip of its tail is red and swaying. 

It’s adorable.

The White fur on top of its head and around its neck is so fluffy. 

Its eyes are round and yellow. “

At this point the trainer is attacked by what we assume is the Pokemon, or maybe its guardian? Fans have already started picking apart what Pokemon this could possibly be. 

The most logical conclusion is Hisuian Arcanine protecting its Growlithes, but it’s also possible this is an entirely new Pokemon or evolution much like the new Pokemon Kleavor, which is an evolution of Scyther.  

Either way, it’s unusual for Pokemon to take a horror-themed style for one of its marketing trailers and we hope to get more of these styles soon. As for what Pokemon it could be we’re curious to find out. 

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