The military using popular games to recruit potentials is nothing new, Call of Duty was that claim to fame for the longest time, but now it looks like mobile gaming is becoming the creme de la creme because the US Navy is using Pokemon GO as their go-to recruiting tactic. 

The latest recruiting ad is making its rounds on Twitter thanks to user Joe Kassabian. The above advert reads "Would you like to play Pokemon GO around the world? The United States Navy has the ability to take you around the world, allow you to play Pokemon GO, and help you achieve the goal of being a Pokemon Master." You know, when you're not busy deploying and silly stuff on the side like that.

As a former Navy sailor that went greenside to the Marines, this is a Very Bad and Not Good move for potential sailors looking to join the service. If you join, please don't just join for Pokemon GO. I mean, the mobile game is great and all, but as someone who did numerous deployments, you won't have the time you think you have to play. 

But hey, do you.

That being said, a lot of the adorable pocket monsters in Pokemon GO are region locked, so technically if you really really really felt the need to "catch 'em all," it's not the worst idea. It's not the best, not even in the top 100, but definitely not the worst.