In Fortnite, there’s an Ariana Grande punchcard that players have been working through with Quests like collecting symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters.

With this Quest, players have had questions in regards to where to find Cube Monsters, how to eliminate them, what the symbols look like, and how to collect them.

To answer all of these questions, we’ve put together a guide for you on how to collect symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | How To Collect Symbols From Eliminated Cube Monsters

The quick answer to the question of how to collect symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in Fortnite is that you’ll need to make your way into the Sideways. Once there, you’ll need to equip yourself with weapons and supplies and start eliminating Cube Monsters. 

In the map image above, you’ll see where you’ll want to land after launching out of the Battle Bus. 

As you shoot at them and eliminate them, Cube Monsters will drop symbols which can be collected. To collect them, all you need to do is approach them and look for the “Collect” prompt. In total, you’ll need to collect 5 of these symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in order to complete the Quest.

Fortunately, these Cube Monsters come in waves, so there’ll be no shortage of Cube Monsters for you to find and eliminate. The hardest part of this Quest is enemy players who are likewise looking to collect symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters. 

Keep an eye out for enemy players, and make sure the coast is clear before you collect dropped symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters as again, they come in waves, so new ones will spawn in and will head towards you to dry and deal some damage. 

One way to get the Quest done quickly is to get a Sideways Scythe by opening Sideways Chests. The Sideways Scythe is a special melee weapon that can be swung to deal damage to enemies close to you. When a batch of Cube Monsters cluster near you, use your Sideways Scythe to cut through several of them at once. 

With this, several symbols should drop at once in the same area, allowing you to quickly collect them. Of course, you can complete this Quest however is easiest for you! To recap, you can collect symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters in the Sideways in Fortnite.

We hope this guide helps! 

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