Fortnite players working their way through the new Ariana Grande punchcard will start things off with a Quest where they need to collect a record and then place that record on a turntable. With no specifics on where to go, it’s easy to become stumped by this Quest.

To help, we’ve put together a quick guide on where to collect and place a record on a turntable in Fortnite! 

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 | Where to Collect and Place Record in Turntable

The quick answer to the question of where you collect and place a record on a turntable in Fortnite, as part of the Ariana Grande punchcard, is at Believer Beach.

After you speak with the Ariana Grande NPC along the pier at Believer Beach, you’ll want to head straight towards a building with a Cap’N Carp Bait & Tackle sign (as seen in the image above).

On the second floor of this building is a party area complete with a dance floor and DJ area. At this DJ area, you’ll first find a box that, when you approach, gives you the prompt to “Collect Record”.

Once you’ve collected the record, you can approach the turntable right next to where you collected the record. When you do, you should see a prompt to place the record. 

In doing so, you’ll have completed the first Quest as part of the Ariana Grande punchcard in Fortnite, and can proceed to the next Quest which tasks you with studying two sets of Caretaker Footprints, with one set also being conveniently located at Believer Beach, so you won’t have to go too far for this one either.

To recap, after you speak with Ariana Grande, all you need to do is head straight, locate the Cap’N Carp Bait & Tackle building, locate the second floor with the dance area and DJ area, then approach the DJ area to collect and place a record in a turntable in Fortnite.

We hope this guide has helped! 

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