If you've loved The Outer Worlds as much as we have, then you'll know that it's more than just running and gunning your way through space. Well, that's fun for some, but here at Prima we've definitely fallen in love with the many companions in the game. While we can't romance any of them, that doesn't mean that they're incredibly cool in their own right. Ever wanted to know how many companions are in The Outer Worlds? We've got the answer.

How Many Companions Are in The Outer Worlds?

So, to make things easy for you, let's get the numbers out of the way. There are six (6) companions in The Outer Worlds. Hell, we've even gone ahead and ranked them for you. https://primagames.com/tips/best-companions-outer-worlds-ranked Not all of these companions are human, however. Let's list them off:

  • Ellie
  • Felix
  • Nyoka
  • Parvarti
  • SAM
  • Vicar Max

In The Outer Worlds, you'll encounter these companions at various points in the story. Vicar Max and Parvarti will be incredibly early additions, and they're almost personality 180s from each other which means that you get a dynamic range of snark and sass almost from the get-go. All of these companions will have the chance to deepen their relationship with you (platonically, we'd like to add), and they're going to do this by way of Companion Quests. 

Most companions will have a series of Companion Quests that will help you uncover a little more about their backstories and their lives. The Outer Worlds just isn't about how you grow as a character in your travels; you'll also notice that your companions visibly change in terms of their personalities as you undertake these quests, and we've definitely found it immensely satisfying to play through regardless of which companions we took to the very end. Sure, different strokes for different folks, but we're very sure that there's someone for everyone in the roster that Obsidian has put together. 

Now that you know how many companions are in The Outer Worlds, it should be easier for you to tick the ones you haven't encountered yet off your list. Need a hand with anything else on Halcyon? Check out some other guides that we've put together to make your journey easier: