Pokemon Go is in the middle of its Season of Legends. One of the research requirements is to take a snapshot of Landorus. Here is how to take a snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go.

How to take A Snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go

In order, to take a snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go, you will first need to capture one. In order to capture it you’ll need to participate in raid battles. Landorus is currently available until March 11, so you don’t have much time left before it goes away for a bit.

Once you have captures Landorus, you’ll need to go into your Pokemon collection, click on Landorus, and you’ll see on the top left of the screen a camera icon. Here is where you’ll be able to take a snapshot of Landorus for the research requirement. 

If you’re having trouble defeating Landorus in Pokemon Go raid battles you can check out our guide on raid counters for Landorus. Hopefully, those will be helpful in taking down this legendary Pokemon.

You’ll eventually need to do this for Thundurus and Tornadus as well, so be sure to check out our other guides for those.

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Well, that’s everything you need to know on how to take a snapshot of Landorus in Pokemon Go. For more tips and tricks be sure to read Prima Games or check out the official Facebook and Twitter pages.