The new Friends feature is finally available for all Trainers in Pokémon Go. Starting today, Trainers of any level can now send friend requests to other Trainers on the Pokémon Go mobile app. Along with the Friendship functionality comes Gifting and Trading options for Trainers above a certain level. This guide will explain how to make friends and increase your friendship level in Pokémon Go, so that you can start sharing gifts and enjoying the game’s new social features. 

How to Add Friends in Pokémon Go

Adding friends in Pokémon Go works similarly to the way players can connect on Nintendo consoles. The process involves using Trainer Codes, which are unique to each Trainer account. 

To add a friend in Pokémon Go, you must first obtain their Trainer Code, which is found within the Friends tab at the lower left corner of the main screen on the Pokémon Go app. This limits strangers from adding random players to their friend list. 

Once you have someone’s Trainer Code, simply visit the Friends tab on your own profile and select the Add Friend option. Enter the Trainer Code from another Trainer in the provided box to send them a friend request. When they accept the request, the two of you will be added to each other’s Friends list. Likewise, you can find your own Trainer Code here to give to other people to have them send you a request instead. 

Friendship Levels

The new Friends feature also introduces Friendship Levels to Pokémon Go. Trainers can unlock in-game rewards and bonuses for increasing their Friendship Level. There is currently a total of four Friendship Levels for players to achieve in Pokémon Go, each taking a number of days to unlock. 

Trainers can increase their Friendship Level in Pokémon Go by participating in Raids and Gym battles with friends or by trading Pokémon with one another. You can only progress your Friendship Level using these methods once per day per friend, so it will take multiple days to fully level up your Friendship in Pokémon Go. The Friends list is capped at 200, but that should be more than enough friends to allow you to increase your Friendship Level in Pokémon Go.

Here are the types of Friendship Levels available in Pokémon Go, along with the number of days to unlock each level and the bonuses you will receive: 

Good Friend (1 Day)

  • Ability to trade and send/receive Gifts

Great Friend (7 Days)

  • Small Stardust Discount for Trades
  • Small Gym and Raid Battle Attack Bonus
  • +1 Raid Capture Balls

Ultra Friend (30 Days)

  • Medium Stardust Discount for Trades
  • Medium Gym and Raid Battle Attack Bonus
  • +2 Raid Capture Balls

Best Friend (90 Days)

  • Large Stardust Discount for Trades
  • Large Gym and Raid Battle Attack Bonus
  • +4 Raid Capture Balls

Now that you know how to add friends and increase your friendship level in Pokémon Go, you should be on your way to unlocking bonuses and obtaining new Pokémon in no time. For more Pokémon Go tips, visit our Pokémon Go guide hub